Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”

Every employer is committed to providing an attractive work atmosphere, affable culture, competitive benefits, superior employee experience and complying with statute. Despite this fact of life, why are companies fighting to mitigate attrition? That’s simply because most HR engines are quite efficient to manage people but are not effective enough to attract and retain talent.

Innovation by competitors, technological advancements, workforce interaction over social media and reforms in labour laws pose a great challenge to employers in risk mitigation and maintaining employee motivation.

Our agile market watches, incessant technological upgrades, unflagging eye for details, pro-active learning and innovative communication makes us the right partner for enabling HR effectiveness to our clients.

HR Process Audit & Re-Engineering: Prognostic view of HR processes and statutory compliances using dip-sticks and re-engineering them with a contemporary touch.

HR Manual Development/ Redesign: Affirming your people that you are committed to their well- being, development and growth through comprehensive HR policies and procedures.

Effectiveness Surveys: Our surveys regarding HR processes, HR initiatives and employee benefit programmes can provide valuable insights about the unsaid in your employees’ mind!

HR Analytics: HR data by itself has very little value. Exploring it can work wonders. Our HR Analysts are meticulously trained to interpret and report the untold story behind every HR data.

Communication Strategy: No HR strategy or initiative is bad by itself. The real killer is incongruous communication. Our persuasive communication strategy will make your employees spellbound.