Clinics nowadays not only provide consultation for visiting patients but also administer medicines, conduct tests and scans, suggest diet control through dietitians and recommend services of other healthcare professionals. Simply Cliniq is a comprehensive ‘Clinic Management Software Solution’ that eases management of various aspects of running a clinic, enabling doctors to perform what they do best “Taking care of their patients”.

  • Track your patients, view patient history and all patient related transactions.
  • Generate and print bills for consultations, medicines, tests, procedures in a single platform
  • Book and track  patient appointments, reschedule appointments. Your patients will get notified automatically through SMS
  • Generate and print detailed reports on various transactions. This report can be a single source of truth for filing GST.
  • Get notified automatically on the action items for the day
  • Charts and dashboard will provide you complete visibility and enable you to identify improvement areas

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