Virtual HR Head: Entrepreneurial ventures and family owned business witness increasing complexities in people dynamics when they attain a larger scale. It is at this stage where the need for strong HR leadership is felt. However higher cost of quality resources, constrain organizations to settle for lesser expertise and output than what they actually deserve. Our innovation will be an angel for such organizations!

Antharicshaa’s pioneer ‘Virtual HR Leadership model’ is an apt solution for developing enterprises. The Virtual HR Head offers advisory to the management on HR strategy for enhancement of business productivity and hand holds the in-house HR function in creating sustainable, scalable and reliable HR processes, policies and workflows for smooth sail of HR operations. With our Virtual HR Head in place, your HR function will simply be ‘What it should be, Where it should be and How it should be’

Executive Coaching: Our experienced and certified coaches will be the trusted growth partners for the new generation successors of family businesses. They will uncover the latent wisdom and emotional stability in the young CEO and allow them to unravel their utmost potential.

Business Process Outsourcing: One major challenge that developing businesses face every day is about balancing out between core business delivery and transactions. Many a time transactions occupy a major portion of a day, leaving very little mind space for focusing on business growth and expansion.

Transactions cannot be regarded as non-value adding jobs either.  At Antharicshaa, we nurture a team of trained resources, whose prime strength and job is only to perform transactions. By outsourcing your transactions to us, cut the daily clutter and focus on your core. We offer a spectrum of affordable and reliable business process outsoucing solutions.